About us

Schermer Solutions develops communication strategies with stakeholder sensitivity for

  • Corporations
  • Government Executives
  • Interest groups
  • Community groups
  • Start up enterprises

Schermer Solutions focuses on positive outcomes for all parties involved and is experienced in developing solutions for conflict situations where more diplomacy is required. We create tailored solutions to your specific needs.

We are committed to integrity and confidentiality.  Stakeholder relationships can be fragile and sensitive thus Schermer Solutions do not identify any current or past clients.

We develop tangible positive outcomes for your organisation and your salient stakeholders. Using quantitative and qualitative information gathering techniques, we gather all data salient to your organisation’s goals.  Utilizing systematic as well as intuitive methods, we develop strategic equitable and workable outcomes, and deconstruct these into achievable tasks.

Schermer Solutions was established and is managed by Tom Schermer. Prior to establishing this agency, Tom had decades of experience in conflict resolutions with a focus on equitable stakeholder outcomes, and has engaged with the different worlds that are corporations, interest groups, and political affairs.

Tom has worked on stakeholder communications for blue chip companies, the offices of one current and one former President, a former prime minister, a community organisation committed to reducing foreign genocide and conflicts, among others.

Tom recently authored a book, Reputational Crises Unspun – A Stakeholder Solution to Reputational Crises, providing a step by step guide for resolving reputational crises through stakeholders, and communication strategies.  Reputational Crises Unspun turns old strategies out and develops a model that actually works for everyone in all situations.  Tom holds numerous qualifications spanning Journalism, Information Technology, and Business Operations.

To learn how Schermer Solutions can help your organisation and stakeholders, contact us for your free initial consultation today.