Reputation management

Most organisations struggle to identify opportunities possible through changing the way the organisation is viewed.  For example, a carefully designed survey can increase your customer base by changing how they think of your product, how much they pay for your product, and how all your stakeholders engage with your organisation.

Our services are customized to suit your needs and often include:


Reputational risk assessment and training

Reputational crisis assistance

The online world often does not reflect the real world, and vice versa.  We have developed a methodology that allows us to combine the online world with the real world in a way that allows us to analyse what is important in both those worlds.  For your organisation this means we can take your online presence and stakeholders and merge these with your real world presence and stakeholders to create a stronger presence for your organisation in both. 

Simply put, we can take your existing stakeholder information to create a more effective, stronger, more relevant, and more important presence and strategy for your organisation.

This methodology has been peer reviewed for the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, and is unique to Schermer Solutions.