Reputational Crises often follow Cyber Security problems.  Schermer Solutions has partnered with Cyber Data Risk Managers, to offer you an alternative solution, customized insurance policies.

Reputational Crisis Insurance

Due to the current media climate Schermer Solutions recommends Reputational Crisis Insurance as a cost effective strategy to limit financial exposure and risks.  Each Reputational Crisis Insurance policy is entirely customized to get the perfect cover at an agreed rate.  Examples of which situations may be covered ranges from product contamination and recalls, data breaches, to design error, and executive failures.

Schermer Solutions can organize a free consultation with approved Reputational Crisis Insurance Specialist.

Cyber Security Insurance

Due to the growing number of cyber attacks around the globe and the reputational implications, we now also recommend Cyber Security Insurance to help your organisation thrive without the distraction of risk.  Cyber Security Insurance is completely customized to get the perfect cover at an agreed rate and includes Reputational Crisis Insurance.

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